Left to Survive: apocalypse

Left to Survive: apocalypse

Left to Survive: apocalypse









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"Left survival" is a TPS action zombie shooting game. In the world after revelation, zombies took the earth as a slave and controlled the world. The battle of survival has begun!Life is no longer what it used to be. Human beings fight for survival. In the future, the earth belongs to the dead. Save mankind from zombie apocalypse! Meet other heroes in the world of assault, adventure, and PVP. The zombie shooting game has startedFight zombies in the survival game!There are undead creatures everywhere in the world. Nowhere to hide, become a real hero of zombie apocalypse and kill all zombies. Began the battle of survival, with the story destroyed the undead creatures on earth! Help mankind rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.During the period of heaven, all kinds of armor will serve you!In the task of saving the world from zombies, a large number of weapons and equipment serve you. Choosing the right weapons, from offensive weapons and sniper rifles to machine guns and shotguns, can help kill zombies quickly in shooting games. Equip your hero and improve his skills and strength. Weapons and equipment are upgraded and developed, and heroes are more powerful.Let them unite in the shooting competition!Meet the heroes of the zombie world. They were completely different people that day. Just ordinary people. Now they have the responsibility to protect the world from zombies. They all have unique survival technology and ability. Improve and develop their technology. Last but not least, gather all the survivors and give them new hope and houses. These experts can improve your foundation and make life easier.After the engine check, prepare to attack the base with apocalypse.Kill the enemy's base with a shooting game. The end of zombies is coming, and the strongest zombies can survive. Please use your helicopter to attack other bases and collect resources. If you are ready for a "warm" welcome, the other party's base will fall into a serious conflict between the tower and the protection of the local army. It's not easy to get resources from their eyes. The helicopter was equipped with powerful weapons. After upgrading, the attack was successful. Fight for survival!PVP challenges other playersTest your skills in PVP games and become the best shooter among players. This is to challenge other players to gain more shooting experience. Who is the best shooter among you is a good opportunity to train before facing zombies, participate in 2x2 survival competition and single player action game. Between heaven, your clan members and other players challenge.Build your base and ensure survival!Build a new house for yourself and other survivors, your base, and make our lives brighter. Make it a place where people find shelter and feel safe. Produce food and resources, arm your heroes with unique abilities, transform weapons, etc. Strengthen to prevent attacks and robberies.


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Left to Survive: apocalypse


SIZE: 86M   DEVELOPER: My.com B.V.   DATE: 2021/11/23


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